Why Us?

We at Growing Technologies are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company specializing in environmentally friendly products and dedicated to the needs of the ever growing population of ‘budding’ and seasoned gardeners alike.

In these days of trying to buy locally and eating more natural foods without additives, we face the challenge on the prairies of a short growing season, and very varied and often extreme weather conditions.

Coming from a European background we have come across a superior greenhouse covering and decided that it would work well in our challenging climate. We have tested our greenhouses over a four-year period and they have withstood extreme weather conditions without any degradation.

Our greenhouses are a very solid construction being made of a galvanized steel frame and covered in very strong and durable Polydress Keder bubble plastic, which has considerably more strength and durability than other similar types of greenhouses.

The principle of the construction with the covering and profile, make it water tight and its insulating action keeps back between 6o% and 95% of the heat radiation, thus leading to a substantial energy saving and plants love the even distribution of light.

Our greenhouses are strong and capable of withstanding wind speeds in excess of 140 kph. Superior strength and quality also enable our greenhouses to withstand hail and snow.


The covering with its excellent insulation can extend the growing season considerably and with some supplemental heating at night can be used year round.