Polydress Keder

Polydress Keder is a 3-layer plastic sandwich with approximately 1000 bubbles per square metre. Polydress Keder has excellent heat insulation and light diffusion properties to provide year-round growth. Polydress Keder is a cost effective solution, being less expensive than traditional glasshouses. Polydress Keder is also strong as well as resistant against extreme weather – even on the Prairies


Polydress Keder greenhouses are a smart alternative to glass. With construction that provides superior strength, our greenhouses are built for Canada's rough weather. Combined with Polydress Keder, these units offer energy saving, durability, year-round weather capability at a fraction of the price of glass.

Why Us?

We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, our greenhouses have been tested on the Prairies over a four year period. Specializing in environmentally friendly products, we are dedicated to promoting the growing of natural healthy plants. We are the only stockists and suppliers in Canada of the unique Polydress Keder plastic covering.